What You can do when you see a Dog in a Hot Car

You’re leaving the supermarket, when you come across a very happy, bright colored dog in a car. You think the dog is so cute as it jumps, rolls, and thumps in the car. You wish you could pet the dog. Due to your focus on the dog, you realize that all of the car windows are closed, the car’s turned off, the dog is panting, and at that moment you realize that the dog is overheating. The dog is in a hot car, and you don’t want to break the car window just yet. You remember how the Beatles left their dog in a hot car. You start to wonder why. No time for that!

You rush into action to save the dog in the car!

Results of leaving a dog in a hot car. Why did the beatles leave a dog in a hot car?

Here are Three things you MUST do to rescue a Dog in a hot car before you break the car window: 

  • 1. First, write down the car’s make, model and license plate.
  • 2. Next, if you’re in a public location, notify security guards, managers, and pedestrians.
  • 3. Lastly, if the owner can’t be found, call the non-emergency number of the local police or animal control, and wait by the car for them to arrive.
    Depending on your state, it’s okay to leave a dog in a hot car.

There are three ways to break a window IF you need to:

  1. Wrap your elbow into a jacket or a shirt, and give it all you got. 
  2. Find a very large rock that won’t endanger the dog, yourself and people around you. 
  3. My personal favorite is simply an emergency glass tool. 
6 in 1 Emergency Glass Break tool
6 in 1 Emergency Glass Break Tool

Potential Emergencies:

  1. Dog in a Car
  2. Fall in a River
  3. Baby in a Car
  4. Car Accident

Benefits to the LED Emergency:

  1. LED light
  2. Window breaker
  3. Seat-belt cutter
  4. Fits in your pocket comfortably.

3- Way LED Emergency Tool

  1. In addition, owning an emergency glass break tool can be fundamental for the worst case scenarios. More and more people are living in their vehicles. Where it is due to homelessness or just travelling the country. As a point of reference, growing up, I was always told, “It’s better to have it, and not need it, instead of need it, and not have it.”

“It’s better to have it, and not need it, instead of need it, and not have it.”

Woodrow f. call

Furthermore, as a lover of dogs, I believe it is fundamental to have certain car accessories in case there is an emergency of sorts. No one can predict the future. You will never know when you need a glass break tool to get a dog out of a hot car, or a baby in a car. Don’t be like the Beatles. Why did the Beatles leave a dog in a hot car? Maybe they forgot. These are a list of essential car accessories I believe most people need in their cars. If you want to see what other forms of sustenance you need for your car, please check out our site, and communicate with us directly!

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